Hi, people call with this nickname Caca-Tamicin.

My name is Anissa Cintami, tamicin is from Cin-tami just flipping this name until now, Since twitter on trending. FYI, my name’s familiar with Indonesian artist with including “atmanegara” hehehe

My daily routine, I am a Graphic Designer and talked about job and passions, I’m interested in many kind creative things surround me. In this early 2017, I’m on trying writing in this blog. Maybe it’s too late… but better late, than never, right?! I want to start a something new in my life, to be a writer it has been in my mind for a year ago, and vlogging (soon) but I still on learning.

Dear all of you, if you read this… I’m feeling excited but too shy to started at the same time.

but I’ll do this and keep going! Hope you enjoy & loves reading on my site.






I want to excite myself to new opportunities, not just chasing deadlines days after days.



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